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One platform to reach & expand your every thought

Penpenny is a network of writers and readers of inquisitive minds who think, write and share similar ideas and thoughts. At Penpenny you will find individual write-ups written by curious thinkers across the world, their stories and experiences that will make a lasting impression on readers.

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What’s New?

A Place for curious writers and inquisitive readers!

What’s New?

A Place for curious writers and inquisitive readers!

Different categories to write and read from


Create an engaging post and share it with the unfamiliar family to get recognized.


Articulate articles to share knowledge as it is the ONLY way of creating intellectual minds


Have Questions? Ask on Penpenny and together we shall find answers to it.

For Who?

Penpenny is designed for

Penpenny is a space for expressing ideas and sharing views about it. Readers to take-off their imagination. We offer a clean slate for everyone to write and a scribbled diary for readers to walk through it.

Passionate Writers

To pen down their thoughts and unleash the writer within.

Curious Readers

Deep-dive in imagination and explore the stories of our writers.

Professional Bloggers

We promote substance and insightful writing of bloggers to the impactful audience.

Knowledge Seeker

To the seekers, Penpenny is your stop to seek answers to your questions.

What you will get?

There are 3 ingredients of a good life: Learning, Earning and Yearning!
– Christopher Morley

Yes, and at penpenny, we offer you all three. We offer to provide you a platform to earn a penny from your writing. Earn money credits for engagement on your content.

What’s more – once you accumulate money credit equivalent to 10$, you can transfer it to your bank account. So now make your passion your profession! Write with Penpenny to earn a penny, share knowledge, and gain knowledge!

What User’s say?

Lovely feedback from users

What User’s say?

Lovely feedback from users

A truly great website where anyone can express or put forth ideas and thoughts. One can explore the knowledge of food to market updates even of the entertainment sector too. Great page to find relatable articles.

Ankita Satbhai

Penypenny is a great platform for those who want to share their ideas and also by sharing they can earn money. As this is a time of negativity a great platform to be positive and spread positivity and develop good habits which are very difficult for nowadays.

Avina Porwal

Best and open platform to express your thoughts, your article, personal blogs.

Rahul Gusali

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As readers be a part of writers’ journey by re-blogging or sharing their content. You can even add your own views to spread the idea. That’s how we help the community of writers and readers to grow and help you to meet people who think alike.

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The collective team of Penpenny is an incredible family who shares and thinks alike. Together we strive to bring all readable thoughts, ideas and write-ups to a vast audience to make reading accessible and expand your universe.

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