Hathras Rape incident has raised many valid questions

Pravin Andhale

Posted on : 4 Oct 2020

The hathras rape case has raised many valid questions. The very foundations of our democracy such as freedom of speech, freedom to press, freedom of elected representatives to conduct their political activities. It also highted the oppression of dalits at hands of administration and upper casts, and will of those in power to run the administration at thier will instead of based on constitutional laws, etc.

It is pity that 73 years after the independence we are still facing challenges of social cohesion, and freedom of speech. This shows how grave the situation has become. Somewhere we as a society have failed to enshrine and instill these values in massess. At this juncture it is evident to mention that Watergate incident pressed successfully the US president to resign over abuse of power, freedom of press,etc. And here we daily see freedom of press being curtailed and threatened. This hathras incident can be a trigger to change that. It is possible that press will fight for it's right to report freely. For that to happen perpetually, the opposition and people at large needs to support the true journalism and journalists. Those who shout and debate from studios only, needs to realise that people will not heed and waste their time watching rubbish talks and invalid claims based on whims of people with vested interests.

The incident also highted the plight of dalit sections of our society. How they are being repeatedly subjected to inhumane treatment by administration. Oppressed, subjected to atrocities by higher class elements of society. This clearly shows how ineffective the successive governments have been at addressing the social issues. Our current laws have failed to instill fear and respect for laws, in the hearts of perpetrators of atrocities. This is, may be, the result of cumbersome and untimely delivery of justice in such cases. (The fast courts in our country takes few years to give decisions and draw conclusions !!!! Don't have to mention other cases!)

The incident also highlighted the right and will of elected representatives to conduct their political activities freely without fear and threats from those in power. It is right of elected representatives to meet with victims of crimes and assure them to fight for their justice. Thus instilling confidence in common People that someone will always be there to fight for them. This is how our democracy works and strengthens.

This incident has also highlighted that how administration (bureaucracy and it's servants) always works at the whims and wishes of those in power. Instead it should be independent, work on clearly defined, morally acceptable constitutional duties enshrined for them. Only working according to wishes of political masters will continue to worsen and deteriorate the confidence of common people in them. Thus repelling common people away from governing structures and increasing conflicts among them.

This criminal incident is heinous enough to wake us all to stand for what is right and demand justice once and for all. Demand freedom of speech for individuals and press. Make our elective representatives to fight and stand for what is right for us. And if required, demand for appropriate constitutional amendments and laws.

Jai hind! 

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Well written...👌👌

Bad thing is that, Our politician may enact laws for the bureaucracy but not for themselves. They fix accountability for executive but not for law makers. When politicians accountability will be fix then executives and judiciary's accountability n responsibility will be fixed.

Detailed and Great Analysis. Really our Democracy has failed this time and it needs to be strengthened. In this incident the Freedom of Speech, Freedom to Travel anywhere in India and Right to life has been curtailed. The state is failed to do it's duty and rather it viloted the major Fundamental Rights. Here State has tried to cure the situation and it has not taken proper precautions. (Precaution is better than cure).Casteism is also a major problem.

Posted on : 4 Oct 2020