How is the world moving to vaccinate all?

Pravin Andhale

Posted on : 27 Jan 2021

The once in a #century #crisis is about to end thanks to vaccine rollouts world over. But, are we doing enough to come out of the crisis early? what is the progress of vaccinations? Are we producing enough to satisfy needs to all?

The #Astrazeneca, one of the corona vaccines producer company, has been asked by EU to complete it's contractual obligations to provide vaccines to #EU member states. The EU has also asked it's pharma companies to inform it of exporting vaccines they are exporting to other countries. 

This is simple example of what is happening. The richer countries are trying to get vaccines for themselves as early as possible without thinking of needs of others. Even before the vaccines were made and tested many countries including #US, #Germany, #UK, etc. entered into contracts with producers. This Dried up and blocked the initial vaccines and manufacturing capacity of vaccine #producers. The #vaccines which are being produced are to be send to these countries initially. This is legally, contractually right. But, what about poor countries? What about countries who cannot manufacture enough vaccines? 

Though the virus does not discriminate against who to infect, vaccines manufacturers do!!! Without the vaccines for all nobody is safe. That is why #WHO has been calling for all countries to think of other countries as well and provide them with vaccines. 

At present till 26th Jan.2021 69.2 Million people have been given vaccine jab. Some if the distribution of some of the countries. 
 India - 2.02Million, Israel - 4.04Million, United Arab Emirates - 2.68Million,  United Kingdom - 7.33M,  Bahrain- 144K,  USA -23.5 Million, etc. 
                                                 (source : 

The countries with the #money and #influence have bought the #vaccines for them as you see. #India which is home to #Serum Institute Of India (#SII), largest vaccines manufacturer with capacity to manufacture 1.5B vaccines per year, has provided it's people with just 2.02M vaccines so far, where as it has exported more than 10M vaccine jabs as per contractual obligations. Indian #government has been also sending vaccines to neighbours as aid. These free vaccines is good step but not adequate.    

The Vaccines manufacturers #Pfizer, #Moderna have been supplying nearly all of their jabs to USA. Astrazeneca has been supplying to UK and some EU countries. The SII which is producing multiple vaccines at it's facility has been supplying to Indian government and other governments under contracts. The Indian Government is also buying from Bharat Biotech, other Indian manufacturer with it's own vaccine. The India is sending vaccines manufactured by SII to some of the friendly countries, such as Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives, Afghanistan, ShriLanka, etc. as aid in grant. It is sending vaccines as per contractual obligations to Bagladesh, UAE, Qatar, Brazil, etc. All in all, everybody is trying to get vaccines for themselves and then near and dear ones! But, there is very little that is being done for African and oceanic countries. 

The virus is the rapidly transmitting through airborne medium. In such case either all are safe of none of us are safe! That is why it is only but necessary to think of all.




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Posted on : 27 Jan 2021