Nagorno-Karabakh - key facts

Pravin Andhale

Posted on : 5 Oct 2020

Since the fighting erupted on 27 September 2020, Nagorno-Karabakh's authorities have confirmed that 201 of their service personnel and a number of civilians have died.Also, Azerbaijan says 22 civilians have been killed, without providing information about its military casualties. 

This conflict can lead to a full blown regional war in that part of world. Solving the enclaves issue is important and doing it untraditionally will open Pandora's box! Since world over such conflicts exists. World needs to pay close attention to this, since major powers Russia and turkey are getting involved in opposite sides. This is getting murkier and gaining support from untraditional players on different sides. 

Therefore it is necessary to understand some key facts about Nagorno-Karabakh region. 

-Nagorno -Karabakh is mountainous region of about 4,400 sq km (1,700 sq miles)

-Traditionally inhabited by Christian Armenians and Muslim Turks

-In Soviet times, it became an autonomous region within the republic of Azerbaijan

-Internationally recognised as part of Azerbaijan, but majority of population is ethnic Armenian

-Self-proclaimed authorities are not recognised by any UN member, including Armenia

-An estimated one million people displaced by war in 1988-94, and about 30,000 killed

-Separatist forces captured some extra territory around the enclave in Azerbaijan

-Stalemate has largely prevailed since a 1994 ceasefire

-Turkey openly supports Azerbaijan

-Russia has a military base in Armenia

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Posted on : 5 Oct 2020